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VGA Cables For Your PC Or Projector

VGA Cables For Your PC Or ProjectorAs a trusted retailer of both standard and custom made audio, visual, and PC cables, HomeAvCables.com is your one stop technology shop. If you're a PC owner looking to increase your visual power, a gamer looking for a better graphic interface, or a teacher looking to update your classroom, VGA Cables are the answer. VGA's have become the PC standard, providing high-resolution graphics. The system provides resolutions ranging from the original VGA 640 x 480 pixels to the future proof High Definition QSXGA 2560 X 2048. All HomeAvCables.com VGA cables are tested to WUXGA 1920 x 1200 resolutions so you can use them for 1080P applications with ease.

HomeAvCables.com offers VGA Solutions for your PC, projector, or high definition television including:

  • VGA Adapters
  • VGA with Audio Cables
  • VGA Breakout Cables
  • VGA Y-Cables
  • VGA Switchers
  • VGA Connectors
  • VGA Splitters

  • For your convenience, HomeAvCables.com also stocks a selection of UltraThin VGA Cables that are sleek, easier to store, and still deliver the same high quality images that you'd expect from a traditional VGA.

    Looking for an all-inclusive VGA Cable with Audio? HomeAvCables.com features an all-in-one cable to simplify any compatible piece of entertainment technology. Great for extending your monitor, speakers, or microphone away from the CPU, this high-quality cable is made with premium shielding, to protect your connection from interference.

    Want to extend the reach of your VGA device? HomeAvCables.com stocks Cat5 Extender Kits to allow you to take your devices anywhere you need to go. Simply plug in the pocket size port to your Ethernet cable and enjoy the freedom of movement. With CustomCableConnection.com, you'll be able to outfit your home with convenient, easy to use electronic cabling that will simplify your technology experience.