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USB Over Cat5 Converters Take Your Electronics Anywhere

USB Over Cat5 Converters Take Your Electronics AnywhereUSB Over Cat5 Extenders allow for you to extend the reach of your USB device, making technology storage and operation easier than ever. With a simple setup, this system is perfect for anyone that can plug a cable in! HomeAvCables.com offers USB Over Cat5 Adapter Kits to conquer length limitations on your USB device.

For example, these adapters can extend the use of your Guitar Hero / Rock Band USB Devices or digital camera, printer, web cam, printer, or keyboard, making storage and operation even easier. This is a great resource for gamers, as it extends gaming keyboards without an expensive wireless adapter. If you're a frequent gamer, or if you enjoy the flexibility of being able to take your electronics further, HomeAvCables.com has your USB Over Cat5 Converter with Built in Hub.

This Basic USB Adapter kit is perfect for those classroom devices that needs extended. Utilizing a plug and play adapter, this kit consists of a base unit and a remote unit connected together by 50 feet of Cat5E patch cable. In addition, this system is also self-powered, saving you on energy costs and external power annoyances. Compliant with USB Specification 1.1, this USB adapter from HomeAvCables.com is great for your home, office, or dorm room.

Looking for an adapter only, you already have Cat5e Patch cords. This pocket-sized USB Cat5 Adapter Kit is great for those who like portability. Consisting of a small base unit, a small remote unit. Easy to store in a desk drawer, under the bed, or on a shelf, this system is ideal for keeping your camera, printer, or other USB device connected to your campus. This USB Over Cat5 Adapter with Plenum Patch Cord also doesn't need an external power source, freeing up your outlets and conserving space in your dorm or living area.

With HomeAvCables.com, you'll be able to find the right USB adapter to fit your space, your technology, and your lifestyle at a great price.