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Plenum Mini Coax RGB 6x26 AWG and 2pr x 22 AWG Audio Per Foot

BRAND: Liberty
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Liberty's Original Mini HiRes Projector support cable. Designed with a soft PVC jacket for excellent flexibility. Features 6x26 AWG stranded coaxial and 2x22 AWG low capacitance shielded audio or control pairs. Product has a 200 MHz bandwidth specification.

Liberty RGB Cable, Mini High Resolution Stranded Features:
  • 6-Coaxial Construction
  • 26 AWG 7-Strand Tinned Copper Center Conductor
  • Foamed Fluoropolymer (FEP) Dielectric
  • Shielding - Dual 95% Tinned Copper Serve and 100% Foil
  • Plenum rated PVC inner Coaxial Jackets
  • 2-22 AWG 19-Strand Tinned Copper twisted shielded pairs
  • Pairs individually jacketed with Plenum rated PVC Alloy
  • 6 coaxial cables and 2 pairs cabled on a common axis
  • Soft Flexible Plenum rated PVC Alloy Jacket
  • 200 MHz Bandwidth coaxial cables, low capacitance pairs
  • CL2P CMP FT6 RoHS Compliant

  • Plenum BaseBand Video, Analog Audio, IR, S/PDIF Audio
  • Plenum RGBHV, RGBs, Y,Pb,Pr Component, S-Video