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ROEMTECH PMA-245 Plenum Amplifier/Mixer 45 Watts - 2 Channel Stereo

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    Here's the scenario: You wanted to put an amplifier in a room but couldn't find a good place for it. Perhaps a classroom or a conference room where the only good place for an amplifier is in the plenum area. But of course you couldn't put the amplifier in the plenum area because it wasn't plenum rated. That just changed. Introducing the ROEMTECH Plenum MixerAmp (PMA-245). Specifically designed from industrial grade components to withstand plenum temperatures while at the same time built to conform with stringent UL plenum standards, the plenum amp is finally here. Your installs just got easier.


  • Powerful 45W RMS Output
  • 2 Isolated Inputs: 1-RCA; 1- 3.5mm
  • Size: 5.43in W x 1.65in H x 4.80in D
  • Full Stereo Seperation
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • 18V Regulated Power Supply
  • Gain Control on Each Input
  • Quick Connect Pheonix Connections
  • Frequency Response 18Hz to 22Khz
  • Low Noise Circuitry
  • Perfect Classroom Amplification System
  • Three Year Limited Warrant

    Real Power:

    The ROEMTECH Plenum MixerAmp PMA-245 comes with a compact, external, regulated 18V power supply at 3.5 amps. The plenum amplifier is rated at 45 watts RMS. This gives plenty of headroom for demanding applications with high ambient noise levels (such as school classrooms) while delivering clear, powerful sound.
    Easy to Install
    Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and weighing less than 1.1lbs, the PMA-245 is small enough to install just about anywhere. The unit comes with two screws holes to mount under a table or in a lectern. Because it can be installed in the plenum area, loss due to theft is a thing of the past, it is the perfect classroom amplifier.

    The PMA-245 has two completely independent audio inputs each with dedicated gain control. Input one is line level stereo RCA and input two is line level stereo 3.5mm - so whether you are providing audio for a computer, wireless mic, video conferencing or a plasma screen - the PMA-245 is right for the job. And because it is the world's first plenum rated amplifier and mixer, it can easily be installed out of sight.

    Typical Applications:
  • Classroom Amplifier: Works perfectly for classrooms for K-12 and college campuses as well.
  • Conference Room Amplifier: Any conference room / boardroom that needs amplified audio.
  • Training Room Amplifier: For training rooms up to 100 people. Resturaunt Amplifier: Perfect for background music. With it's small package, clear and powerful sound, the Roemtech PMA-245 works well for just about any application.