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Plenum 5 BNC to 5 BNC Solder

  • Base Part# 33305-P

    HomeAvCables Plenum 5 BNC - 5 BNC Component cables are the right choice for connecting your Matrix Switcher, Scaler, DVD, Satellite, HDTV and other video equipment. These cables are of higher quality than most standard video cables giving you crisp, clear picture for less. The coax conductor's copper braid shield helps reduce unwanted noise and distortion. 5 BNC Coax Video Cables are used to connect the RGBHV video signal on your A/V equipment.

    • Gold Solder Connectors: 5 BNC - 5 BNC
    • High-quality 75ohm copper braid + foil shielded coax wire reduces unwanted noise and distortion We do our best to keep these in stock however sometimes it takes 1-3 days for assembly