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CAT5E Patch Cables

CAT5E network cables, CAT5 cables and CAT5E Cable. CAT5E patch cables are used to connect a computer or other device that has network capabilities to an Ethernet router or Ethernet switch. Many new homes are built with Ethernet cable wiring in the walls. Bulk Ethernet CAT5E solid pull boxes are what are used for this wiring. CAT5E patch panels are a convenient way of keeping all the connections organized. If you are interested in making your own CAT5E patch cable, you will need CAT5E bulk cable stranded conductors instead of solid. Some installations have more electrical interference than others, so shielded CAT5E cable may be necessary. The standard wiring for a cable used for internet connection is called T568B. If you see a computer network cable labeled as a crossover Ethernet cable that cable is not going to give you an internet signal. Crossover cables are made to connect one computer directly to another computer and are wired differently. Whether you need CAT5E cable bulk rolls or a 100 ft Ethernet cable, we have what you need.