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S-Video to RCA Cable 50'

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HomeAvCables Bi-Directional S-Video to RCA Interconnect cables convert composite RCA to S-Video or vice-versa without the expense of high priced active converters. Individually shielded low-loss dual 75ohm oxygen-free copper wire and Teflon® insulation delivers the most accurate picture, resolution and color. The Y/C signal separation circuitry provides a bright, crisp picture from DVD, VCD, laser disc, VCR, camcorder, multimedia PC and more. Shielding provides two 80%+ OFC copper braids, which protects against unwanted noise and interference. Connectors are 24K gold-plated to ensure long lasting connections free from corrosion. The connectors attach to a flexible PVC jacket allowing for easy installation and identification. In addition to fitting standard S-Video jacks, the precision-engineered bi-directional cables fit both 7-pin and 4-pin jacks on desktops and notebooks with a TV out jack.
  • Connectors: 4-pin Male to RCA Male
  • Convert from composite RCA to S-Video or vice-versa
  • Oxygen-free copper center conductor delivers optimal signal transfer
  • Gold Plated RCA connector provides cable matched 75-ohm impendance
  • Ultra flexible PVC jacket for easy installation
  • NTSC and PAL compatible