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15ft UltraThin VGA HD15 Male to Male with 3.5mm PC Audio

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UltraThin VGA with Audio cables small diameter provides space-saving design and flexibility not found on regular VGA cables. This ultra-thin cable is highly flexible to make installation in even the tightest areas a breeze. Unlike cheap VGA cables, this cable will not coil or snag during installation. And, the low profile connector helps you install this cable in places other connectors won't allow. Quality is also proven in the performance of these cables. Featuring double-shielded twisted pairs, and triple-shielded coax, this monitor cable delivers the signal without ghosting or distortion.

  • Audio Connectors: 3.5mm Male to 3.5mm Male
  • 3.5mm Also known as 1/8" Audio
  • Use it for video presentations, home theater and HDTV applications, classroom environments, POS devices, and server rooms. Or simply organize your work area for maximum comfort and efficiency. Will accommodate cable runs up to 75 feet without a booster (in most cases).