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2ft Reverse Polarity SMA Male to N Male RG58

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Made with RG58 cable. This RF cable fits the following devices:

  • AeroComm: ConnexLink 2.4 GHz Model (CL5124-200-232), ConnexLink 900 MHz Model (CL4490-1000-232)
  • Belkin: Belkin PC card
  • Blitzz: BWA611
  • Colubris Networks_: CN320, CN330, CN1250
  • NetWave, BWA611B NetWave, BWA711 Super G, BWA721G, BWI605 NetWave, BWI715
  • Super G Breezecom: AP/SA/WB-10D
  • D-Link: DWL-1000AP+, Air DWL-520, DWL-900AP, DI-713, DI-714, DI-614, PCI 520+, DI-524 AirPlus G,DI-624, DPG-2000W,DWL-G810, DWL-1000AP+,DWL-2000AP, DWL-2100AP, DWL-1750
  • Dell: True Mobile 2300 Wireless Router
  • GRE: GRE Gina
  • DrayTekl_: Vigor2600VGi
  • Intel: Intel PRO/Wireless AP WPCI5000
  • Linksys: WET54G, WMP54G, WET11, WMP11 (PCI), WPS, WMP11 PCI Card Motorola: WR850G, WA840G, WPCI810G
  • Netgear: All routers and access Points with a removable antenna, FM114P, FVM318, FWG114P, MA311, ME101, ME103, WG302
  • Proxim: RL/2 Bridge, RL/2 Bridge PCI Cards
  • Maxtech Siemens: Speedstream Trendnet: All routers, access Points, PCI Cards
  • U.S. Robotics: 22 Mbps Wireless Access PCI Adapter USR2216
  • Wave Access: WaveAccess
  • 132 Zcomax: XG-1000, XI-626, 1500, 1500H, 1500HP, 3000, WL420/431/450
  • Zoomair: PC Card 4105